Copyright protection

When making files or any other materials public on that were made by other people you need to be sure that their authors or other people owning copyright of these files agreed on their publication. We respect copyright and we do not want to become a place where illegal materials are stored.

My file has been deleted...

If we deleted one of your files from your account then probably we have received a notification from its author about his copyright infringement. In such cases, when credibility of the notification is verified, we immediately delete the file.

What do I do when someone infringes my copyright?

In the right bottom corner of every File Page there is a "Report Abuse" button. After clicking it the contact form appears, where you can give information about the violation. Required information:

  • Physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or their lawful representative
  • Defining the material that supposedly infringes copyright or is a subject of copyright infringement and should be deleted
  • Contact information, including address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Information about the file`s localization, for instance an URL address

When we receive such a report and confirm its credibility, which usually lasts from a few to a dozen or so hours, the Administration of will impede the access to the files and a user that uploaded it will be given a reprimand
Giving full contact information of the claimant and fairly detailed description of the infringement and indicating the source of the file will facilitate swift decision-making - according to the law we can block the files only upon a credible report. Stipulations pl gives its users a possibility of storing and sharing files, which serve a purpose for other users. The whole process is automated and we do not have any influence in its contents. We do not participate in this even indirectly. is not able to monitor 100% of the materials that are stored and shared on the website.

We reserve a right to deleted those files considered a copyright infringement without given notice, at our own discretion and without any obligation towards the User. In particular circumstances the User`s account can be blocked if the illegal activities will be recurring.