Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy describes the attitude of the towards personal information handling, including personal data inserted by the User while using the Webite. It also applies to all the different information revealed while using the Website. Please find below all the private policy procedures applied by the

Our company has a very restrictive privacy policy concerning the Website users' personal data. We respect your privacy. All the information shared by our users are carefully protected and stored in a secured location. We only use said data in a way you have agreed on during the registration process. does not sell, lend nor share any personal data handed to us on this Website. This regulation applies to all the information, along with our clients' e-mail addresses.

Personal Data Usage

From time to time our users may receive welcoming letters and messages regarding information about all the transactions, clearings and premium account bills of sale on their e-mail addresses. Sometimes we also send questionnaires and e-leaflets, which will keep the clients informed about all the novelties and innovations proposed by We respect and understand the right to unhampered decision making regarding receiving correspondence. Therefore, all our clients can express a will to stop receiving advertising or clearing materials at any given time.

Cookies Policy

Our Website can use cookies to process and store information concerning all the actions that took place on our Website. Cookies are identifiers that the browser can receive by the Web page to be saved on user's computer, which allows his identification and improving their Website usage experience during their next visits. With the help of the cookies we can track the addresses of the other pages visited by our clients. This data is being analyzed for internal purposes. The attention has to be drawn to the fact that cookies allow a more efficient loading of the Website, which makes usage of the a much more comfortable experience. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to set one's browser in such a way that allows the client to be informed every time the cookies are being transmitted. Thus, the client of the Website is able to decide if he/she wishes to accept such a file or not.


One of our commercial goals is to make the advertisements available for our free users. To achieve this goal the cookies and other companies advertising systems are used. To display the adequate advertisement different information can be used, for instance: cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, usage statistics and other non-personal information concerning the computer or the device (such as the browser type and the operating system type).

Google Analytics Statistics

The Website uses Google statistics to assess the efficiency of one's performance and advertising campaigns. Cookies placed on the user's computer enabled after clicking on the advertisement are used as a measurements of the efficiency of the above mentioned. Cookies do not include any personal nor contact information. Detailed information on means of usage of the information gathered with cookies by Google can be found here:

Changes in the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter the abovementioned privacy policy conditions at any given moment. Nonetheless this rule does not apply to the fundamental and unchangeable principle of our Website: we do not sell nor share any personal data gathered from the users of We encourage you to look trough the privacy policy page upon every visit.