Terms of Service Rapidu.net

These Terms of Service regulate terms and conditions of using the Website, hereinafter referred to as the Website and define Users and Administrators general rights and obligations.


  • The Website's main purpose is to allow its Users to store and share their files to other persons. The Administrator provides a service of making certain ICT structures available that allow the storage of Users' data via the Rapidu.net. The Website's intended purpose is to store Users files which they can use via the Internet.
  • The User is a person using the Rapidu.net, whether registered or not.
  • The User declares that he has reached legal age, has full legal capacity and agrees to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use. If the User uses the Website on behalf of the third party that is a legal entity, so called legal entity without corporate status etc., the User declares that he is entitled to contract an obligation resulting from executing this agreement on such entity's behalf, and accepting these Terms of Service by the User is synonymous with accepting these Terms and Conditions by the third party. In such case the User as understood in these Terms of Service is referring to the mentioned third party. In case of absence of real entitlement to contract obligation on third party's behalf, the person allegedly acting on behalf of the third party is considered as the User, who executed an agreement with the Administrator on his/her own behalf.
  • Administrator does not allow nor condone any cases of law or third party rights breaching by the Users, especially copyright law, industrial property rights or personal rights. Apart from the exceptions specified in the Terms of Service, all the data, especially the Files are shared by the Users on their own responsibility, danger and risk and that the Users ensure that they have all the rights, especially to share, to make data public or to diffuse it.


  • To register the User should fill in the registration form by typing in the login (User's name), e-mail address and password and accept these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy..
  • Registered Users gain access to the Website full abilities after typing in the login and password (thus becoming a logged in user).
  • Account is free of charge and allows to use the Services provided on the Website, which is possible from anywhere via Internet.
  • In case of detecting any breach of the rules of these Terms of Service, the regulations of the law etc. by the User, the Administrator reserves a right to block or to delete their Account.


  • User is obligated to use the Website accordingly with these Terms of Service, existing legislation, general terms of Internet use and Website's purpose, especially in such a way that it is not violating the third party's rights and Administrator's rights and business.
  • The technical condition of using the Website by the User is owning a workstation with an operating system, Internet access and standard Internet browsing software.
  • Account on the Website allows the User to fully use the Website's features offered by the Administrator.
  • Users can store their files in any given catalogues created on their Accounts.
  • The User holds a sole responsibility for all the data transmitted, shared, diffused and stored on the Website and takes into consideration that the Website is merely a tool to intermediate in the data transmission and storage as part of regular transfer and hosting services. Therefore the User is fully responsible for all the data transmitted, shared, diffused and stored and the results of its publication.
  • The User holds a sole responsibility for the content of data given during the registration, including revealing their login and password to the third party. The User also holds a sole responsibility for all the actions performed with the data transmitted.
  • The User undertakes not to act to the detriment of the Website. All such actions will result in an immediate deleting of the Account with the possibility of Premium Account cost return nor the profits gathered with the Affiliate program.
  • The daily download limit for every User is 30 GB. The transfer limit is zeroed at midnight every day.
  • With every file download start on the Website the system deduces the file size from the daily transfer limit (the transfer limit is zeroed at midnight every day).
  • The User is prohibited from such action as: sending and/or placing the unregistered trade information (so called "spam"); using the other Users Accounts or making their Account available for other Users; taking up any IT activity or any other activity that could allow coming into other Users logins and passwords possession.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use bots that generate questions to the Website. All such actions can be considered as DoS (Denial of Service).
  • In case of confirming that the User is conducting the above described activities the Administrator can immediately block the User's Account and has a right to take up any actions that could lead to repairing the damage.
  • The User is obliged to immediately inform the Administrator about any case of unauthorised usage of User's Account, and also about any case of breaking the rules established in these Terms of Service.


  • The Administrator conducts an on-going supervision over the technical functions of the Website that assure the correctness of its operation. However the Administrator does not guarantee a constant access to the Website nor its faultless operation.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to retract or modify certain Website Services for any given reason, along with the right to temporary disabling the Website, due to e.g. maintenance related with the Website Services modification. These changes cannot be understood as a basis for any claims against the Administrator.
  • The Administrator cannot be held responsible towards the persons using the Website for any, direct or indirect, losses or damages, any data, profit, income or affair losses independently of their reason, apart from any losses resulting from wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the Administrator or his employees. Administrator does not hold any responsibility for any infringements in performing his duties resulting from this Agreement caused by the circumstances that according to the legislation, cannot be held accountable for.
  • The Administrator cannot hold responsibility for impossibility or delay in downloading the files by the User due to technical difficulties, connection overload and/or other technical infrastructure or other technical difficulties.


  • The User can forgo using the Website at any given time, especially when he does not agree on the changes made in the Terms of Service.
  • The Website usage termination is conducted by deleting the User's Account. The User at any given moment can send a written request to delete the Account. The Administrator is obliged to delete the Account within 14 days from the date of receiving the User's request. After an ineffective expiry of such time the agreement is considered terminated.
  • The Administrator can deprive the User of the right to use the Website as well as limit his/her access to the Services provided by the Website, effective immediately, in case of User's breaking the rules established in these Terms of Service.
  • The person that has been deprived of the right to use the Website cannot re-register to the Website without the Administrator's consent.
  • The Administrator reserves a right to suspend, at any given moment and for any given reason, the Website's activity or to terminate to provide Services through the Website. In such a case registered Users will be informed about that fact by e-mail with sufficient advance notice.
  • The Users whose Accounts have been blocked or deleted the payment for the Premium Account is not refundable.


  • All the complaints regarding providing the Services through the Website should be directed to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
  • All the complaints are going to be investigated by the Administrator in the period not longer than 7 days from the date of reporting the claim. However the Administrator reserves a right to leave the claim unanswered if its reporting was a result of: ignorance of the Terms of Service, incompliance with the guidelines supplied by the Helpdesk or directly by the Administrator.
  • All the complaints directed to the Administrator concerning the services provided by the third party through the Website will be passed on to the Operator of the appropriate third party, which is responsible for responding to the complaint.
  • The Administrator reserves a right to interfere in the technical structure of User's Account for diagnostic purposes, along with modifying and affecting the technical aspect of the Account, to modify it or to restore its appropriate functions of the Account itself.


  • The Administrator reserves a right to introduce changes to these Terms of Service at any given moment. The changes in the Terms of Service apply since the moment of publishing them on the Website. All the changes are considered accepted by the Users at the moment of using any Service provided through the Website after introducing such a change.
  • Registration of the User on the Website is equivalent with accepting these Terms of Service.
  • It is strictly forbidden to: copy, replicate or utilize in any way, in whole or partial the information, data or other content of the Website without a written permission of the Administrator, apart from the cases allowed by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Dz. U. 1994 No. 24 item 83).
  • To all the matters not settled herein the provisions the Polish Civil Code shall apply.
  • These Terms of Service come into effect on the 1st of February 2018.